PBEBarchitects was founded in 1996 by Paolo Belloni and Elena Brazis.

PBEBarchitects was founded after national and international, professional and research experiences. The office keep a continuing education about theory and practice in architecture and building construction.
The mission is the project of buildings and public spaces where functional, constructive and environmental conditions are resolved in agreement with architectural quality.

PBEBarchitects specialization is the project of architecture, urban planning and industrial design
The office follows every single phase of the project since the topographical survey, diagnostic for building renovation and the elaboration of all the necessary documents for a complete executive project in every detail. Furthermore PBEBarchitects coordinates all the specialistic professional contributions such as structural calculations, thechnological plants and systems, energy saving calculations, security in building process, works supervision, building practices and authorizations.

Each single phase of the project is faced with a constant comparision with the customer to identify the best solutions able to ensure greater balance between available resources and projects results in the qualitative and performance aspects.

PBEBarchitects works in the field of architectural and urban project and design with special interest in:

• Open spaces and landscape
• Public Buildings, and building for sport and cultural activities
• Restoration and redevelopement of existing buildings
• Buildings for worship
• Residential buildings and complexes
• Redevelopment of industrial buildings
• Design, forniture, urban and industrial design
• Landscape rehabilitation
• Energy-saving buldings
• Infrastructures and airports

PBEBarchitects has participated in a lot of project competitions obtaining prizes, mentions and built projects