• Landscape = Nature + Human intervention
    Edoardo Gellner
    The attention to environmental issues is one of the stregths of the projects in the studio.
    It is not just to design buildings characterized by high performance in accordance with the latest standards in terms of energy savings but also to think that every building must deal with its own particular environment, so that pre-existing environmental and contemporary architecture can communicate.
    The attention to these issues is the result of the way in which they are addressed early in the project and the research that is conducted in the activity of teaching at the Politecnico di Milano in the degree on Environmental Architecture, where Paolo Belloni has taught since 2002.
    The attention given to the project includes:

    Correct integration of the building into the existing environment.

    Study of materials and stratigraphy to ensure high standards of thermal insulation

    Prevalence in the use of natural materials.

    System design addressed to energy saving.

    Using design solutions that promote the use of natural resources for heating and cooling and optimize consumption.