• Il mondo riconosce più speso le apparenze del merito di il merito stesso
    François de la Rochefoucauld
    Rassine 1678
    The competition is by definition the most appropriate tool to promote methodologies for awarding professional assignments based on merit, allowing you to compare a number of project proposals on the same subject. The competition is also the instrument that allows all professionals, regardless of their seniority and experience, to put in competition with the goodness of his ideas and skills, thus favoring the entry of young professionals in the market for professional assignments.
    The competition is also an instrument that fosters the development of an aesthetic sensibility and design appropriate to a society that believes in the growth and research. The best results in the field of qualitative transformation of the city and the region have occurred in contexts that have grown over time, the use of this methodology for the implementation of new projects, particularly for projects that are of significant public importance.
    PBEB has believed since its establishment in the methodology of the competition by participating in a continuous manner at national and international competitions and constantly investing energy and research into this method of working. Some of the most significant projects PBEB has realized are the result of design competitions.